Prefab Messiahs
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Prefab Messiahs
US / Worcester (aka Wormtown),Ma.
Experimental • Psych Folk • 60's Psych
Xerox Feinberg - voc, g
Doc Michaud - g, voc
Trip Thompson - b, voc (Abunai!,Lothars)
Egg Al - voc, perc
Billy Brahm - dr
Tony Serrato - dr
Ringo Casiotone - dr, keyb
Bobb Trimble - tone-sweep & scrtipture
Capt. PJ -
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[from a leaflet passed out at The Prefab Messiahs' first show, Nov. 1981]
"...Was it only 3 or 4 weeks ago that the future PREFAB MESSIAHS first pooled their cosmic energies and talents, and -- crooning their messages about our Plastic Age -- decided to totally revolutionize Pop Music?

The Concept was shocking in its boldness -- 4 young men with a Destiny -- from the Store 24 to Mister Donut their eyes burned with what they saw, even as they lapped it up faster than a small order of McDonald's fries. Reality could not keep the PREFAB MESSIAHS down!

Still, if the Media is the Message, just what are these guys talking about? In short, they're talking about you and me and no one in particular -- about the kind of Eternal Struggle that most "bands" and "musicians" don't even realize full review optikalsounden

well, Im sitting here drinking MIlwaukee's Best getting all weird when for some strange notion I thought I would put in prefab messiah in google and low behold...listening to Trip Thompson...ah yesh, a Clark thing.... Hot Fuckin' Bob

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Wormtown 25th Anniversary 2 Prefabs pics at page bottom (photo: Mike Malone/ interview with Trip in advance of the Wormtown 25th Anniversary show.
write to the Prefabs c/o the Abunai! "hello" address
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Z100! ?? The Prefabs at "New York's #1 Hit Music Station"??

Record ID: 1573
self released
Time (minutes)
CD-R • No Vinyl
Experimental • Psych Folk • 60's Psych
All their Material - live & studio 1981-1983
limited Ed. of 250
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Fuzbrains, CD Spotlight Review, Winter 1998:
"Before The Presidents Of The United States Of America tossed their hat into the ring, and years before Weezer took their first breath, there lived a band called THE PREFAB MESSIAHS. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts at the philosophical Clark University, The Prefabs were both embraced and shunned in local music circles. Mixing Dada philosophy with Ronald McDonald mass culture worship, The Prefabs were an enigma to those who weren't tuned in to their brand of smarmy intellectualism. Seth "Xerox" Feinberg's vocals sounded like a cross between Robert Smith's and Jonathan Richman's, and their choice of drummers ran between human beings and a Casio keyboard that they affectionately named "Ringo". Their stage shows were not to be believed.  
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[from Brian Goslow's liner notes for the album]
In the first half of the 1980s in the post-industrial landmine known as Worcester, Massachusetts (a/k/a/ Wormtown) -- a city whose two industrial complexes made it number one on the Soviet Union's hitlist in case of war -- three wise men, accompanied by an equally strange entourage of followers and inventors, ignored all the rules of how to become successful musicians and created a unique legacy of their own, and with it, the era of "Peace, Love and Alienation."

The journey began at Clark University, where two devotees of Dada terrorism, Seth "Xerox" Feinberg and "Egg" Al Nidle postered its campus with posters announcing "talentless guitarist and drummer seeking bassist and lead guitarist to form post-new wave pop pseudo-psychedelic full review optikalsounden

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Pre-Abunai!/Lothars early 80's Massachusetts group retrospective compiled for a reunion show. Self-described as "proto lofi dada acid garage pop." Includes 2 13th Floor Elevators covers, some songs are produced by Bobb Trimble. Buy record at ( CD 14.30 EUR) Greatest Hits Mailorder (D) change  


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