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Journey To Ixtlan - Journey To Ixtlan

Highway Child - Sanctuary come

Hypnos 69 - Legacy

Been Obscene - The Magic Table Dance

First Band From Outer Space - Impressionable Sounds of The Subsonic

Spirits Burning - Alien Injection

500 Ft. Of Pipe - The Electrifying Church Of The New Light

Electric Riders - The Trial

Aim - Spirit Of Your Tide

Hypnosis - Apple 13

Sky Picnic - Farther In This Fairy Tale

Nick Riff - Photon Shift

Donovan's Brain - Fires which burnt brightly

Aliens - Luna

Supercluster - Waves

Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs

MV & EE - Barn Nova

Shaw, Adrian - Oxygen Thieves

Carpet Knights - According to Life

Baby Woodrose - s/t



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