Band Record RelYear Goto
35007 Liquid 2002Bandpage
 Sea of Tranquility EP2001
 Especially for you1994
360´s Strawberry Stone 1994Bandpage
500 Ft. Of Pipe The Electrifying Church Of The New Light 2003Bandpage
 Dope Deal2001
Abaton Abaton 1991Bandpage
 Eros ...0
Abramis Brama Rubicon 2006Bandpage
Abunai! Two Brothers 2003Bandpage
 Deep Mu Flux +22000
 The Mystic River Sound1999
 Universal Mind Decoder1997
Acid Jam Acid Jam 2 2000Bandpage
 Acid Jam1988
Acrimony Tumuli Shroomaroom 1997Bandpage
 Deep Into The Nowhere2001
Adam Welcome Back 1995Bandpage
Agent Orange This is the Voice 1986Bandpage
 When you least expect it1983
 Bitchin' Summer1982
 Living in Darkness1981
Aim Spirit Of Your Tide 2009Bandpage
 Solaris EP0
Airport 5 Tower in the fountain of sparks 2001Bandpage
Alchemysts Simeon & The Alchemysts 2000Bandpage
 Zero Zen2000
 Over and Out1997
 One Eyed Again1993
 The Alchemysts1992
Alice´s Orb The Psychedelic World of Geoffrey Tremaine 1998Bandpage
 Indelible Witch Cream1995
 Chillin´with the aliens1994
 Even the grass is full of acid1992
Alien Planetscapes Life on Earth 1997Bandpage
Aliens Luna 2008Bandpage
Alpha Stone Plashcated Waveband 1998Bandpage
 Stereophonic Pop Art Music0
Alterra Alterra 2000Bandpage
Anathema Judgement 1999Bandpage
Animalcule Animalcule 2000Bandpage
 The Red Masquerade2000
Ant-Bee Lunar Muzik 1997Bandpage
 With my favorite Vegetables and other bizarre muzik1994
 The Bizarre German E.P.1992
 Son of Lunar Egg-Clips dances with the Mystic Mother1992
 Pure Electric Honey1990
 Through the Window Pain1988
Apotheosis Assorted tails from the Duckpond 1997Bandpage
Apples in Stereo Look Away + 4 2000Bandpage
 The discovery of a world inside the moon2000
 Tone Soul Evolution1997
 Fun Trick Noisemaker1995
Appleseed cast Mare vitalis 2000Bandpage
Aquarium Poppers Recomander Tunes In Various Stations 2001Bandpage
 Find The Tunes / Jamison2001
Architectural Metaphor Other Music 2004Bandpage
 Creature of the velvet void1997
 Odysseum Galacti1994
Arnold Bahama 2001Bandpage
 Hillside Album1998
 Fleas don´t fly1998
Aron Testament from the Human Plantation 2010Bandpage
 Djaevlens Horn2007
 Among the Dead2003
Arthur´s Dream Echo! Echo! Echo! 2003Bandpage
 Lost inside the granary ...1999
Ashley, Greg Medicine Fuck Dream 2003Bandpage
Aspera Ad Astra Birds fly 2002Bandpage
 Sugar & Feathered2001
 Aspera Ad Astra / The Lilys2000
Asteroid #4 Honeyspot 2003Bandpage
 King Richard´s Collectables2001
 Apple Street1999
 Introducing the Asteroid #41998
 What a sorry way to go1997
 The CIA took my dog away1996
Astral Weeks A yellow dawn 1999Bandpage
Astroburger Beyond the valley of 1995Bandpage
 Pinboing Wizard EP1994
 In Orbit1994
 I used to be a Mod1992
 Venus Beach1991
Atman Tradition 1999Bandpage
 Personal Forest1993
Atomic Bitchwax The Local Fuzz 2011Bandpage
 Spit Blood2002
 Atomic Bitchwax1999
Atomic Workers Wall of Water Behind Me 2007Bandpage
 Embryonic Suicide2006
Audio Active Bong 2000Bandpage
 Spaced Dolls2000
 Apollo Choco Remixed1998
 Apollo Choco1997
 Tokyo Space Cowboys1994
Autumn Leaves Twilight Hours 2002Bandpage
Baby Robots Lakitu 2000Bandpage
Baby Woodrose Third Eye Surgery 2012Bandpage
 Chasing Rainbows2007
 Love Comes Down2006
 Money for Soul2003
 Double Six / That's how strong my love is2002
 Never coming back2002
 Blows your mind!2001
Babylonian Tiles Teknicolour Aftermath 2000Bandpage
 Green Midnight Glow1995
 Basking in the Sun at Midnight1993
Bags Night of the Corn People & Waiting for Maloney 1991Bandpage
 The Bags1990
Bain, Rick Virtual Heavy Pet 2004Bandpage
Bangtwister Big Psych Out e.p. 2000Bandpage
 Agony Aunt1997
Bardo Pond Tigris and Euphrates 2002Bandpage
 Set and setting1999
 Bufo alvarius, Amen 29:151994
Beachwood Sparks Once we were trees 2001Bandpage
 Beachwood Sparks2000
Beautiful People If 60´s were 90´s 1994Bandpage
Been Obscene The Magic Table Dance 2010Bandpage
Bensen, Nick The New Scene of Nick Bensen 2002Bandpage
 No Resistance2001
 Psychedelic Juggernaut2000
Bevis and Twink Magic Eye 1990Bandpage
Bevis Frond Hit Squad 2004Bandpage
 What Did For The Dinosaurs2002
 Valedictory Songs2000
 Vavona Burr1999
 Live at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco1999
 North Circular1998
 Sister John1997
 Little town pier1997
 Son of Walter1996
 Dolly Bug1995
 Let´s live for today1994
 It just is1993
 Summer Holiday E.P.1993
 A gathering of fronds1992
 London Stone1992
 New River Head1991
 Ear song1990
 Any Gas Faster1990
 Inner Marshland1988
 The Auntie Winnie Album1988
 Bevis through the looking glass1988
 Inner Marshland1987
 Livewired Vol. 10
 Vaultscan Vol. 20
 Radio Activity0
 Vaultscan Vol. 10
 Livewired Vol. 20
Bigelf Money Machine 2000Bandpage
 Closer to doom1997
Birdmen of Alkatraz From the Birdcage 1989Bandpage
 Glidin' off1987
Black Angels Phosphene Dream 2010Bandpage
 Directions to see a Ghost2008
Black Mountain Wilderness Heart 2010Bandpage
 In the Future2008
 Black Mountain2005
Black Nasa Deuce 2004Bandpage
 Black Nasa2002
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take them on, on your own 2003Bandpage
Black Science An Echo Through the Eyes Of Forever 2012Bandpage
Black Sun Ensemble Starlight 2003Bandpage
 Hymn of the Master2001
 Black Sun Ensemble2001
 Sky Pilot1999
 Psyche Master El1993
 Tragic Magic1991
 Elemental Forces1991
 Lambent Flame1989
Blackberry Rainbow Vol. 1 1990Bandpage
Blacklight Chameleons A field guide to... 2003Bandpage
Blackmail foe 2003Bandpage
 friend or foe?2003
 It could be yours2003
 The Light of the Son is the Son of the Light2002
 Bliss Please2001
 Science Fiction1999
Bland Bladen I Grevens Tid 2007Bandpage
Blim No Frills 1993Bandpage
Blind Dog The last Adventures of Captain Dog 2001Bandpage
Blue Rain Drenched 1988Bandpage
Blue Whale Wind runs through it 2000Bandpage
Bo Weevils Burn 1994Bandpage
 If God was an Astronaut1992
 Destroyer of Worlds1990
 The Vortex Took Them1988
 Where Particular People Congregate1988
Bokaj Retsiem Psychedelic Underground 2000Bandpage
Boris and his Bolshic Balalaika Psychic Revolution 1994Bandpage
Bowery Electric Beat 1996Bandpage
 Bowery Electric1995
Brain Donor Love, Peace & Fuck 2001Bandpage
Brainstorm Brainstorm Two - Earth Zero 2000Bandpage
 Tales of the Future1998
Brainticket Alchemic Universe 2003Bandpage
Breitband fadu und der unterschied 1999Bandpage
Brian Jonestown Massacre ...and this is our Music 2003Bandpage
 Bringing it all back home - again1999
 Give it back!1997
 Thank god for mental illness1997
 Their Satanic majesties´second request1996
 Take it from the man!1996
Broken Jug fling thing 1996Bandpage
 Squeeze Rodeo Live EP1987
 Ann / Forever and a day1987
 Burning down the neighbourhood1987
 Promised Land / Sally1986
 Grand Junction EP1985
Brother JT Third Ear Candy 2007Bandpage
 Maybe we should take some more?2001
 Child of the sun2001
 Come on down2000
 Way To Go1999
 Doomsday Rock1996
 Rainy Day Fun1996
 Music for the other head1995
 Holy Ghost Stories1994
Brother Love Rock´n Roll Criminal 1996Bandpage
 My own worst enemy1995
 Every garden grows one1993
Brotherhood of Eternal Love Green Morning Baby 2000Bandpage
Bubble Puppy Hot Smoke 2000Bandpage
Burning Rain Ritual Medicine Show 1996Bandpage
 Pictures in the Fire1993
 Sound Spectrum1993
 Climb to the sky1990
 Flying Saucers0
Burnt Noodle Joeys´ Day Off 2002Bandpage
 The Noodle and the Damage Done1998
Bus Trip Beyond the cornfields 1997Bandpage
Califone Deceleration Two 2003Bandpage
 Deceleration One2002
 Sometimes good weather follows bad people2000
Captain Sensible The Universe of 1998Bandpage
 The Universe of Geoffrey Brown1993
Carpet Knights According to Life 2009Bandpage
Catfish Train Catfish Train 1999Bandpage
Cauldron The sanctuary suite 1998Bandpage
Causa Sui Free Ride 2007Bandpage
 Causa Sui2005
Caustic Resin The Afterbirth 2000Bandpage
 Trick Question1999
 The Medicine Is All Gone1998
 Built To Spill/Caustic Resin 1996
 Fly Me To The Moon1995
 Body Love Hate Body1993
Celibate Rifles A Mid-Stream of Consciousness 2000Bandpage
 on the quiet1996
 Spaceman in a Satin Suit1994
 Heaven on a Stick1992
 Wonderful Life1990
 Blind Ear1989
 O Salvation1989
 Dancing Barefoot1988
 Roman Beach Party1987
 Pretty Pictures1987
 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang1987
 The Turgid Miasma of Existence1986
 Quintessentially Yours1985
 Celibate Riffles1984
Chain, Paul Sign from Space 2000Bandpage
Chameleons Tears 1986Bandpage
 Strange Times1986
 In Shreds1985
 What Does Anything Mean Basically1985
 Script of the Bridge1983
Charlatans Songs from the other side 2002Bandpage
 Us and Us only1999
 Up to our hips1994
 Between 10th and 11th1992
 Over Rising1991
 Some friendly1990
Chateau De Fleurs Chateau De Fleurs 1997Bandpage
Che Sounds of Liberation 2000Bandpage
Cheapsuit Oroonies Feelin Rooti 1995Bandpage
Chemical Chemical 1996Bandpage
Chemistry Set Wake up sometime! 1990Bandpage
 Don´t turn away1989
 The Chemistry Set1987
Cheops A most peculiar pancake 1996Bandpage
Cherokee Mist Anthem of the moon 1997Bandpage
 Cherokee Mist ´961996
 Gathering of the Tribes1994
Cherry Choke Cherry Choke 2009Bandpage
Chills Soft Bomb 1992Bandpage
 Submarine Bells1990
 The lost EP1988
 Brave Words1987
 Kaleidoscope World1986
 The great escape / I love my leather jacket1986
Chrome Raining Milk 1983Bandpage
 3rd from the Sun1982
 No Humans Allowed1982
 Blood on the Moon1981
 Red Exposure1980
 Half Machine Lip Moves1979
 Alien Soundtracks1977
 The Visitation1976
Chug Metalon 1997Bandpage
Church After everything now this 2001Bandpage
 A box of birds1999
 Hologram of Baal1998
 Magician among the spirits1998
 Sometime Anywhere1994
 Gold Afternoon Fix1990
 Under the Milky Way1988
 Remote Luxury1984
 It´s no reason1983
 The Blurred Crusade1982
 Temperature drop in Downtown Winterland1982
 Sing-Songs EP1982
Circle Alotus 2003Bandpage
 Surface (live)1998
Circulatory System Signal Morning 2009Bandpage
 Circulatory System2001
Clean Getaway 2001Bandpage
Cleaners From Venus Live in Japan (Osaka 1994) 2001Bandpage
 My Back Wages2000
 Going to England1987
 Under Wartime Conditions1984
Cobra Verde Nightlife 1999Bandpage
Colour Haze She said 2012Bandpage
 Flowers EP2004
 Los Sounds De Krauts2003
 Ewige Blumenkraft2001
Conspiracy Sword of Damocles 2000Bandpage
 Citadel of Dreams1997
 Citadel of Dreams / Not in this house0
Cooper Temple Clause Kick up the fire, and let the flames break loose 2003Bandpage
 See this through and leave2002
Cope, Julian Black Sheep 2008Bandpage
 20 Mothers1995
 Trampolene warne out (long version)1987
 Saint Julian1987
 World shut your mouth EP1986
 World shut your mouth1984
 The Greatness and Perfection of Love (Remix)1984
 Sunshine Playroom EP1983
Coral Magic and Medicine 2003Bandpage
 Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker2003
 The Coral2002
Cosmic Gardeners Christmas Song 2003 2003Bandpage
 Stars and Tears in Melange2002
 Brainpool of Tongues1999
 Prayers + Protest Songs1999
 Big Kisses1997
 Fortune Bells and Magic Candles1996
 Calling Joy-sele1993
 Concerning internal signets1991
Cosmic Invention Help your Satori Mind 1999Bandpage
Cosmic Kangaroos Improvise! 1998Bandpage
 Quake Moon Spook1993
 No Man´s Garden1993
Cotton Mather Hotel Baltimore 1999Bandpage
Crazy Mary Astronaut Dubs 2000Bandpage
 She Comes in Waves1999
 Passion Pit1998
Creef Good Herbs 1988Bandpage
Crevice Lullabies For Little Albert 2002Bandpage
 Think Of Pleasant Things1999
 Crevice 21997
Cricketbows Home 2010Bandpage
Crystal Antlers Crystal Antlers 2008Bandpage
Crystal Phoenix Crystal Phoenix 1989Bandpage
Cul De Sac Death of the Sun 2003Bandpage
 Crashes to Light, Minutes to it´s fall1999
 China Gate1996
 I don´t want to go to bed1995
 Milk Devil / Rain Moths1993
 Frankie Machine / K1993
Damo Suzuki's Network Suomi 2006Bandpage
Dandy Warhols Thirteen tales from urban bohemia 2000Bandpage
 ...The Dandy Warhols come down1997
 Dandy Warhols1995
Dark Star Twenty Twenty Sound 1999Bandpage
Dark Sun ICE Ritual 2000Bandpage
 Feed Your Mind1997
 Feed Your Mind/Song The Seamans Bane1996
Darker My Love 2 2009Bandpage
 Darker My Love2006
Darxtar We Came Too Late 2005Bandpage
 Starlog 1990-19941995
Das Weeth Experience Aural Scenic Drive 1999Bandpage
 Planeeth Weeth1996
 Das Weeth Experience1994
Datura Visions for the Celestial 1999Bandpage
Dave Hallucination´s of Reality 1996Bandpage
Davey, Alan Chaos Delight 2000Bandpage
Davolinas Edge of a new Day 2005Bandpage
Day Shift Of Whisper 2006Bandpage
 Imaginary Menagerie2005
De Sydfynske Alpedrenge Solskinsliv 2005Bandpage
Dead Flowers Altered State Circus 1994Bandpage
 Smell the fragrance1991
Dead Man Ray Cago 2002Bandpage
 Berchem Trap2000
Dead Meadow Old Growth 2008Bandpage
 Shivering King and Others2003
 Howls from the hills2001
 Dead Meadow2000
Dead Moon Crack in the System 1994Bandpage
 Thirteen Off My Hook1990
 Unknown Passage1989
 In the Graveyard1988
Deadpeach Psycle 2007Bandpage
Death In Vegas Scorpio Rising 2002Bandpage
 The Contino Sessions1999
 Dead Elvis1997
Deathray Davies The Day of the Ray 2002Bandpage
 The Return of the Drunk Ventriloquist2000
Deep Psychedelic Moods 2005Bandpage
Deep Reduction 2 2001Bandpage
 Deep Reduction1999
 Black Tulip / Gotta say no1997
Demon Cleaner The Freeflight 2000Bandpage
Desert Sessions Volume 5&6 1999Bandpage
 Volume 3&41998
 Volume 1&21997
Dials Dials 2007Bandpage
Dinosaur Jr Beyond 2007Bandpage
 In Session (BBC Sessions)1999
 Hand it over1997
 Without a sound1994
 Where you been1993
 Just like Heaven1989
 Freak Scene / Keep the glove1988
 You´re living all over me1987
 Little Fury Things1987
Dipsomaniacs Praying Winter 2003Bandpage
 Tremolo of her Mind....2002
 Stethoscopic Notion2001
 Burn Brightly2000
 Braid of Knees1999
 Reverb No Hollowness1998
 Whatever Misery For Miles1998
 Subterfuge EP1997
 Bumble-bee Eyes1997
Disco Doom rrkr 2003Bandpage
Discolor III 2001Bandpage
 Soundbath Installation1999
Divine Soma Experiment Pharmaco Phantastica 1997Bandpage
 Welcome to the Land of Dragons1994
Dixie Witch Into the Sun 2001Bandpage
Doctor Brown Trolleyed 2000Bandpage
 Another Realm1993
 Live in the Minds Eye1992
 In the World of Dreams1990
 The Land of Red & Gold1989
Dog Age Good Day/Sigh No More 1996Bandpage
 Sigh no more1991
 Outdated Yeah!1990
Donovan's Brain Fires which burnt brightly 2009Bandpage
 A Defeat of Echoes2005
 The Great Leap Forward2003
 Tiny Crustacean Light Show2000
 Eclipse And Debris1999
 Carelessly restored art1998
 Lightproof Visions
from the Rock Opera Shambaholic
Double Deck 5 Umbilicus 1988Bandpage
Doves The last Broadcast 2002Bandpage
 Lost Souls2000
Dozer Madre de Dios 2001Bandpage
 In the tail of a comet2000
Dr Hasbeen Signs 2008Bandpage
Dr. Frond Doctor Frond 1998Bandpage
Dr. Phibes and the house of wax equations Hypnotwister 1993Bandpage
Dragontears 2000 Micrograms From Home 0Bandpage
Dream Syndicate Out of the Grey 1986Bandpage
 Medicine Show1984
 The Days of Wine and Roses1982
DRELLA'S DREAM DROPS Harbour Blues 2001Bandpage
 An Opera Of Life (Part I - III)1993
 Northern Atmosphere1991
Droogs Mad Dog Dreams 1989Bandpage
 Kingdom Day1987
 Stone cold world1984
 Heads Examined1983
Drunken Gunmen Deep Space, Distant Future 2003Bandpage
Dukes of Stratosphere Psonic Psunspot 1987Bandpage
 25 o´clock1985
Dump International Airport 1995Bandpage
 I can hear music1995
Dungen 4 2008Bandpage
 Ta det lugnt2004
Dunlavy The Navigator closes his Eyes 2002Bandpage
 The Alison Effect2001
 King of All He Surveys1999
 John Merkel Is a Miracle1998
 The Spinning Dog1995
 I Ruined America1995
Dust in My Head Wind in My Heart 1996Bandpage
Earcandy Blossom 1998Bandpage
 Sound is just the way you ear it1996
 Poor Person Productions Psychedelic Party Album1995
 Testing, 1,2,3, Tasting1995
 Sound is just a way you ear it1995
 Time is just a state of mind1994
 Space is just a place1993
Earthling Society Beauty and the Beast 2008Bandpage
 Tears Of Andromeda2007
 Plastic Jesus and the third eye blind2006
Earthlings Human Beans 2000Bandpage
Echo Brain Glean 2004Bandpage
 Echo Brain2002
Echo Tattoo Echo Tattoo 1992Bandpage
Ectogram Fluff on a faraway hill 2007Bandpage
 Concentric Neckwear2006
 Electric Deckchair2005
 Tall Things Falling2002
 All behind the witchtower2000
 Spitsbergen Pt.1 - 31998
 Eliot´s Violet Hour1997
 I can´t Believe It´s Not Reggae1996
 Spio Trwy Tylla1994
Effervescent Elephants The complete works 1997Bandpage
 16 Pages1995
 Another Summer of Grass0
 Indian Corn Expansions0
Effetto Doppler Indifferenticieli 2003Bandpage
Ektroverde Integral 2001Bandpage
 Futuro -A New Stance For Tomorrow1998
Electric Effect From the centre of the sun 1998Bandpage
Electric Family Royal Hunt 2007Bandpage
 Welcome to the Family Show with the Folks you know!2003
 Ice Cream Phoenix2003
 Pueblo Woman2000
 Careful with that axe, Eugene1999
 Seven miles overground1998
 Family Show1997
Electric Nubians Electric Nubians 1994Bandpage
 Sunshine & Marigolds1993
Electric Orange Abgelaufen! 2001Bandpage
 Electric Orange1999
 Orange Commutation1996
 Electric Orange1993
Electric Prunes California 2004Bandpage
 Stockholm 671997
 I had too much to dream last night1967
Electric Riders The Trial 2010Bandpage
 Music for a Family Gathering2007
 Get Your Experience2001
Electric Swan Electric Swan 2008Bandpage
Electric Wizard Let us prey 2002Bandpage
 Come my Fanatics.../Electric Wizard1999
Elektrum Live at the Opera 1998Bandpage
Elevator Through Vague Premonition 1999Bandpage
Elevator to Hell Eeerieconsiliation 1997Bandpage
 Parts 1-31996
Eleventh Dream Day Stalled Parade 2000Bandpage
 Ursa Major1994
 El Moodio1993
 Lived to tell1991
 Prairie School Freakout1988
 Eleventh Dream Day1987
Elf Power Walking with the Beggar Boys 2004Bandpage
 Nothing's going to happen2002
 Vainly Clutching At Phantom Limbs2000
 The winter is coming2000
 A dream in sound1998
 When the red king comes1997
Ellena, Lodovico Good Morning Mr. Barrett 2001Bandpage
 Cats in Love1989
Elscientisto Moonsick 2003Bandpage
Entheogens The Gnostic Mass 1995Bandpage
Epstein Superflu Demo 2007Bandpage
Eric´s Trip Purple Blue 1996Bandpage
 Forever again1994
Errortype Eleven Amplified to Rock 2000Bandpage
Escapade A Thousand Shades Of Grey 2003Bandpage
 Rule #32002
 Remberance of Things Unknown2000
Eternal Elysium Spiritualized D 2000Bandpage
Ethereal Counterbalance Split 10 (Plug) 1997Bandpage
 Mellifluous Confluence1994
 Ethereal Counterbalance1990
Euphoric Darkness Colours you can hear 1997Bandpage
Euroboys Soft Focus 2004Bandpage
 Getting out of nowhere2000
 Long Day's Flight 'Till Tomorrow1999
 Jet Age1997
Exit 13 three 2004Bandpage
F/i Further Hallucinations In The Garden Of Blange 2009Bandpage
 Merge Parlour1992
 paradise out here1989
Fabulon Triptometer Padded Lounge 1991Bandpage
Falcon Project Lights Karma Action 2000Bandpage
 The revenge of sonic soular1999
Famous Unknowns Evolving within a chaotic Universe 2000Bandpage
Fantasyy Factoryy Paintings from inner space 2005Bandpage
 Dreams Never Sleep2000
 If I like it I do it2000
 Interstellar Baby1999
 Tales To Tell1997
 Ode to Life1996
Farflung 9 Pin Body 2003Bandpage
 The Belief Module1998
 So many minds, so little time1997
 25000 Feet per Second1995
Feelies Time for a witness 1991Bandpage
 Only Life1988
 No one knows1986
 The Good Earth1986
 Crazy Rhythms1980
Fenton Weills Cavalcade 1988Bandpage
 Viva Villa1987
Fiction DNA, the Brain, the Universe 2001Bandpage
Fim Froil Fim Froil 1998Bandpage
First Band From Outer Space Impressionable Sounds of The Subsonic 2006Bandpage
Fish Eye Lens The Buddha Sessions 1997Bandpage
 Take another ride1992
Fit & Limo Terra Incognita 2004Bandpage
 The Silence of a Million Tongues2000
 As above so below2000
 The serpent unrolled1998
 Feather and Dust1995
 Folly is an Endless Maze1995
 This Moment1993
 Angel Gopher1993
 That totally tore my head off1991
 Retrospective 1983-19881988
Five Fifteen The Man Who Sold Himself 2004Bandpage
 The Sensational Five Fifteen2003
 Death of a Clown2001
 Six Dimensions of the Electric Camenbert2000
 Six Dimensions Of The Electric Camenbert1998
 Psychedelic Singalongs for Stadiums1997
Flaming Fire Songs from the shining Temple 2003Bandpage
Floorian Cosmosaic 2012Bandpage
 More Fiend2009
 What the buzzing2004
 What the buzzing2002
Flower Machine Chalk Dust Dream.... 2002Bandpage
Flowerhead The People´s Fuzz 1995Bandpage
 ka - BLOOM1992
Flying Eyes Done So Wrong 2011Bandpage
Flyte Reaction Sensilla 2001Bandpage
 Create a smile1995
 Spectral Footwear1993
 Srawberry Lip Salvation1992
 Songs in a circle1991
Fold Life is beautiful 1999Bandpage
 Close up1997
Fooz Fooz 2001Bandpage
Fred Bison Five Beatroots 1992Bandpage
Friends of Ghosts Realm of the Senses 1986Bandpage
Fry, Mark Dreaming with Alice 1972Bandpage
Fuck Pardon my french 1997Bandpage
Full Moon Archives 1994Bandpage
 A Live Encounter1991
 Full Moon1989
Furiosa Curiosa Momentum...//////..... 2004Bandpage
Future Kings of England The Fate Of Old Mother Orvis 2007Bandpage
 The Future Kings of England2005
 Future Kings of England2003
Fuzz Manta Smokerings 2009Bandpage
Gadsby & Skol Gadsby & Skol 2001Bandpage
Gangster Hippie Gangster Hippie 2004Bandpage
Gardener New Dawning Time 1999Bandpage
Gas Giant Mama Cool 2004Bandpage
 Riding the Red Horse to the Last Stronghold of the Freaks2001
 Pleasant Journeys In Heavy Tunes2001
Gem Sunglare Serenades 2001Bandpage
 Suburban Girl / Drool1994
Gentle Tasaday In the mind´s eye of a blind Tasaday 1999Bandpage
Gerbils Battle of Electricity 2001Bandpage
 Are you sleepy1998
Ghost In stormy nights 2007Bandpage
 Hypnotic Underworld2004
 Holy High2000
 Tune in Turn On Free Tibet1999
 Snuff Immanence1999
 Second Time Around1997
 Temple Stone1997
 Lama Rabi Rabi1996
Ghostly Medley Freakish Trip 1994Bandpage
Gila Nightworks 1999Bandpage
Giraffes The Days are filled with Years 2000Bandpage
Glaze, Brian Let's go to the sea 2006Bandpage
Goblin Market Ghostland 2001Bandpage
God Box Psymphonettes 2003Bandpage
Gomez In our gun 2002Bandpage
 Machismo E.P.2000
 Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline2000
 Liquid Skin1999
 Rhythm & Blues Alibi1999
 Bring it on1998
Grandaddy Sumday 2003Bandpage
 The Sophtware Slump2000
 The Crystal Lake2000
 Hewlett´s Daughter2000
 The Broken Down Comforter Collection1999
 Under the Western Freeway1997
Grandpas Ghost Stardust & Smog
Early Autumn Waltz at the Two/Fourteen
 Il Bacio1998
 Click & Drag1996
 Gun Shy & Trigger Happy1996
Grass Harp freakquency 2000Bandpage
 Meadow Glow1997
Gravelpit Snow Globe 1999Bandpage
 history: mission and tradition1997
 mistakenly / it's a lie(rare track)1996
Great Imperial YoYo Chicken Island 1996Bandpage
 Cheesy Custard1994
Green Pajamas Northern Gothic 2002Bandpage
 In a Glass Darkley2001
 This is where we disapear2001
 Carolers' Song2001
 Seven Fathoms Down And Falling2000
 Ghosts of Love2000
 Narcotic Kisses2000
 All clues lead to meagan's bed1998
 Strung behind the Sun1997
 Strung Out1997
 Indian Winter1997
 Summer of lust1989
 Book of Hours1986
Green Ray Sighs Whales and Trees 1995Bandpage
 The Archers1993
Green Windows Green Windows 1995Bandpage
Grip Weeds HOUSE OF VIBES REVISITED 2008Bandpage
 Giant on the Beach2004
 Summer of a thousand years2001
 The Sound Is In You1998
 House of Vibes1994
 She brings the rain1993
Gris Gris For the Season 2005Bandpage
Grovjobb Vättarnas Fest 2000Bandpage
 Landet Leverpaste1998
Growing seeds Mr. Moog 1999Bandpage
 Miraculous Journey1997
Guided by Voices Earthquake Glue 2003Bandpage
 Universal Truth and Cycles2002
 Isolation Drills2001
 Hold on hope EP2000
 Do the Collapse1999
 Mag Earwhig!1997
 Under the Bushes Under the Stars1996
 The Official Ironmen Rally Song1996
 Sunfish holy breakfast1996
 Alien Lanes1995
 Devil Between My Toes1994
 Crying your knife away1994
 Bee thousand1994
 Get out of my Stations1994
 Vampire on Titus1993
 An Earful O´Wax1993
 Fast Japanese Spin Cycle1993
Gun Club The Las Vegas Story 1984Bandpage
 Death Party EP1983
 Fire of Love1981
Gurus Now 2008Bandpage
Hainloose Burden State 2006Bandpage
Hal 9000 Is she better in bed than I was 2000Bandpage
 Actually I used to have a girlfriend1998
Hangnail Clouds in the Head 2000Bandpage
 Ten Days before Summer1999
Harold Juana Alive and Tripping 1992Bandpage
Hazama Once upon a time 1999Bandpage
 Há Zá Má1995
Head Head 1992Bandpage
Heads Under Sided 2002Bandpage
 Everybody knows we got nowhere2000
 The time is now!1998
 Relaxing with...1996
 Coogan's Bluff1994
Heliotrope Green & Purple Different but Equal 1995Bandpage
Hellacopters Head off 2008Bandpage
 By the Grace of God2002
 White Trash Soul2000
 High Visibility2000
 Grande Rock1999
 Disappointment Blues1998
 Payin´ the Dues1997
Hidria Spacefolk Symbiosis 2006Bandpage
Highway Child Sanctuary come 2010Bandpage
 On The Old Kings Road2009
Hill, Tony Inexactness 2001Bandpage
Hit Quosibility 2001Bandpage
Holm, Oyvind The Vanishing Act 2005Bandpage
Holy Frog My By Self 2005Bandpage
 Holy Frog2004
Holy River Family Band Earthquake country 2001Bandpage
 Welcome to Riverhouse1997
 Haida Deities1996
Hopewell The curved glass 2000Bandpage
 Purple Balloon1999
Hopkins, Rich & Luminarios Tinitus 2002Bandpage
 El Paso2001
 The Fifty Percenter2001
 3000 Germans can't be wrong1998
 Dumpster of Love1995
 Dirt Town1994
Horns of Happiness A Sea as a Shore 2002Bandpage
House, Simon & Rod Goodway House of Dreams 2003Bandpage
Hutchinson, Mick Eclecticus 1998Bandpage
Hypatia Lake Your Universe, Your Mind 2004Bandpage
Hypnomen Dreaming of a new dawn 2007Bandpage
Hypnos 69 Legacy 2010Bandpage
 The Electric Measure2006
 Promise of a new Moon2004
 The Intrigue of Perception2004
 Forrest of Illusion EP2004
 Timeline Traveller2002
 Wherever time has shared it's trust0
Hypnosis Apple 13 2003Bandpage
I, Sharko I, Sharko 1995Bandpage
Igra Staklenih Perli Inner Flow 1991Bandpage
 Soft Explosion Live1991
In the summer of the Mushroom Honey In the summer of the Mushroom Honey 1998Bandpage
Infra Crepuscule 2000Bandpage
 The abominable story of Harold S. Woodhouse1998
Inger Lorre Transcendental Medication 1999Bandpage
Inn The Inn 1992Bandpage
 Travelling at the Speed of Life1990
 Keep on1989
 Psychedelic Schedule1987
 Mitch Cooper1986
Insider Jammin` for a Smiling God 2000Bandpage
Instant Flight Colours & Lights 2004Bandpage
Into the Abyss adrenochrome 2001Bandpage
Isebel´s pain Volume one 1996Bandpage
Isolation Years It's Golden 2003Bandpage
 Inland Traveller2001
J.G.39 Afternoon Non-Happenings 2000Bandpage
Jack of all Trades Just before, unfair loss 1995Bandpage
 Jack of all trades1990
Jakob Jakob 1999Bandpage
Jany, Marcus Homegrown 2000Bandpage
Jelly Planet Food 2003Bandpage
Jens Standing in the trees I get lifted by the leaves 2003Bandpage
Jessamine Don´t stay too long 1998Bandpage
 Another fictionalized history1997
 The long arm of coincidence1997
Josiah No Time 2007Bandpage
Journey To Ixtlan Journey To Ixtlan 2008Bandpage
Joyce, Fiona Lifting the Veil 1997Bandpage
 This Eden1994
 Behind closed Doors1991
Juantrip Balmy under the stormy 1999Bandpage
Jupiter Affect The Restoration of Culture after Genghis Khan 2003Bandpage
 Instructions for the two ways of becoming Alice2000
Kadura From the depths of the outer space 1997Bandpage
Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope 2000Bandpage
Kelly, Jeff Indiscretion 2001Bandpage
 Melancholy Sun 4xCD Box1999
 Ash Wednesday Rain1995
Ken Have a nice day 2002Bandpage
Kilgour, David Frozen Orange 2004Bandpage
 A Feather in the Engine2001
 Sugar Mouth1994
Killflavour The Flavour of 51 golden mandingos 2005Bandpage
King Black Acid and the Womb Star Orchestra Loves a Long Song 2000Bandpage
King Looser Caul of the Outlaw 1996Bandpage
 You cannot kill what does not live1995
King Midas King Midas 1997Bandpage
 In Philichord1995
Kingston Wall Tri ~ Logy 1994Bandpage
 Kingston Wall II1993
 Kingston Wall1992
Kinski Down Below it's Chaos 2007Bandpage
 Airs Above Your Station2003
 Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle2001
 Space Launch for Frenchie1999
Kitchen Cynics Parallel Dog Days 2005Bandpage
 My Gothic Novel2000
 Swearing in Semaphore2000
 Time of sands1992
 Can you hear the frog?1992
 She and her Shadow0
Kitchen Of Insanity Orpheus Feeling 1992Bandpage
 Dreamaway Sunday1990
Kjetil, Rad & the Loving Eye of God s/t 2004Bandpage
Knot Toulouse Daysaredays 1995Bandpage
Korai Öröm I/95 1995Bandpage
Kramer, Wayne The Hard Stuff 1995Bandpage
Krel Out of Space 2003Bandpage
 Ad Astra1997
 Earth Zero1993
Kryptästhesie No Age 2000Bandpage
 Dark Lady incontra il suo fantasma preferito1999
 Inner Whirl1996
 The Bodynaut1996
 Shaken at the Sun1992
Kyuss Muchas Gracias 2000Bandpage
 Kyuss / Queens of the Stone Age - Split CD1997
 ...and the circus leaves town1995
 Sky Valley1994
 Blues for the red Sun1992
La Ira De Dios Archeopterix 2006Bandpage
 Hacia El Sol Rojo2005
Laika Good Looking Blues 2000Bandpage
 Sounds of the Satellites1997
Lamp of the Universe From the Mystic Rays of Astrological Light 2006Bandpage
 Earth, Spirit And Sky2005
 Earth Spirit & Sky2005
 Echo in Light2002
 The Cosmic Union2001
Last Days of May The first 7 Billion Miles 2004Bandpage
 Inner System Blues2003
 Radiant Black Mind2000
 Last Days of May1997
Laughing Sky Free Inside 2005Bandpage
 Free inside1996
Lazily Spun Lazily Spun 2003Bandpage
Lenola My invisible name 1999Bandpage
Les Little Searchers Do Spirits Return 1998Bandpage
 Watch Out For The Crowd1996
Lichter, Eric Palm Wine Sunday Blue 2002Bandpage
Lid In the Mushroom 1997Bandpage
Lifesmyth Music for the third ear 2002Bandpage
Linus Pauling Quartet C6H8O6 2003Bandpage
 Ashes in the Bong of God2000
 Split Single1999
 Killing you with Rock1998
 Immortal Chinese Classics Music1995
Liquid Sound Company Inside the Acid Temple 2002Bandpage
 Exploring the Psychedelic1998
 Exploring the Psychedelic1996
Liquid Visions The Lost Recordings 2006Bandpage
 From the Cube2004
 Liquid Visions2001
 Endless Plasmatic Childhood Overdose2000
 Overstellar Interdrive1999
Liquid Zoo The Return of the Fevertree 2000Bandpage
Litmus Planetfall 2007Bandpage
 You Are Here2004
Little Bare Big Bear Little Man 2001Bandpage
Living Daylight Living Daylight 1991Bandpage
Living Room Times like lakes 2009Bandpage
Lo-Fi sucks! P for Pistachio 1997Bandpage
Loons Paraphernalia 2004Bandpage
 Love's Dead Leaves1999
Loosey Music Harmony Mtn. 1997Bandpage
Lord Brain live99 1999Bandpage
 Enlightenment from space1997
Lotus Krokus Deva 2006Bandpage
 Drommenes formlose have2005
Low Flying Owls Elixir Vitae 2003Bandpage
Lowrider Ode to IO 2000Bandpage
 Nebula / Lowrider Double EP1998
Lucky Bishops Unexpect the Expected 2006Bandpage
 Lucky Bishops1999
Ma cherie for painting Una producion pop 1998Bandpage
Mad Violets Season of 2003Bandpage
Madrugada Grit 2002Bandpage
 The Nightly Disease2001
 Industrial Silence2000
Magic Dirt Magic Dirt 1998Bandpage
 Magic Dirt1996
 Life was better1994
 Signs of Satanic Youth1993
Magic Hour Secession 96 1996Bandpage
 Will they turn you on or will they turn on you1995
 Absurd is no excuse1994
 Heads down1993
Magic Muscle Gulp 1991Bandpage
Magic Mushroom Band Re-Hash 1992Bandpage
 Spaced Out1991
 Eyes of the Angel1989
Maids of Gravity Maids of Gravity 1995Bandpage
Maisie Music is a fish defrosted with a hair dryer 2002Bandpage
Major Stars Distant Effects 2002Bandpage
 The Rock Revival1997
Mammoth Volume A single book of songs 2001Bandpage
 Noara Dance2000
 Mammoth Volume1999
Mandible Chatter Measuring the Marigolds 1999Bandpage
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society More Tales From Lucille's... 2005Bandpage
 The Mandra Gora Lightshow Society meet Cherry Overdrive2005
 Lucille's groteque diary of...()..psychotic love throughout the galaxy2003
 Beyond The Mushroam Gate1999
 The Mindexpanding Triprock Compilation1997
 Ovid's Garden1994
 Mandra Gora Lightshow Society1993
Mandragora While the green man sleeps 1993Bandpage
 Head first1991
 Over the moon1988
 Something Missing1985
Manning, Barbara & the Go-Luckys One Starry Night at the Shop 2003Bandpage
 You should know by now2001
 Transatlantic Trips0
Mantric Muse Picks in Space 1998Bandpage
Many Bright Things Many Bright Friends 2005Bandpage
 Birds of impossible color1999
 Many Bright Things1998
Marble Sheep Message From Oarfish 2007Bandpage
 Raise The Dead2006
 The Gate of a heavenly Body2005
 For Demolition of a Spiritual Framework2003
 Psychedelic Paradise Live ´941995
 Old from new heads 19871993
 Big Deal1992
Mariettas 12 1999Bandpage
Marigold marigold 2001Bandpage
Mark Lanegan Band Bubblegum 2004Bandpage
 Here comes that weird Chill2003
Masaki Batoh A ghost from the darkened sea 1995Bandpage
Mascis + The Fog Feel so free 2002Bandpage
 More Light2000
Masters of Reality Give us Barabbas 2004Bandpage
 Deep in the hole2001
 Welcome to the Western Lodge1999
 How high the Moon1997
 Sunrise on the Sufferbus1992
 Masters of Realiy1990
Matmosphere Radio Edit EP 2001Bandpage
 Stoned as the crow1999
 Ghost Train1998
 Jeremy`s Sunset1996
 The Shout with a Whisper EP1995
 In a Stranger´s Dream1995
Mazinga Phaser Dissatisfied customers of hallucination 2000Bandpage
 Cruising in the neon glories of the new american night1996
McBain, John In-Flight Feature 2006Bandpage
Melting Ashes Green Fuzz 1987 1991Bandpage
Melting Euphoria Beyond the Maybe Machine 1996Bandpage
 Upon the Solar Winds1995
Mexicola Oil Company Slow Low Indigo 2006Bandpage
Mike Gunn A Dream About Jim 1997Bandpage
 Durban Poison1992
Mild Mannered Janitors Dirty Jean 1989Bandpage
 I want it all!0
Milrun Band Pilot meets stars 1997Bandpage
Mind Kiosk mmmm... 2001Bandpage
Mindburger Reflections of Infinity 1991Bandpage
Minders Golden Street 2001Bandpage
 Hooray for Tuesday1998
Mink Lungs I'll take it 2003Bandpage
 The Better Button2001
 The Mink Lungs0
Mirabilia Hi Fidelity in surface noise 1996Bandpage
Miracle Workers Mary Jane 1989Bandpage
 Moxies Revenge1989
 1000 Microgramms of...1988
 Live at the forum1988
 Miracle Workers1985
Mirrors 13 Patient Flowers 2003Bandpage
 A Green Dream2001
Mission Giant Brotherhood of the Plug 2003Bandpage
 I scream social2001
 Friends Of Sound1998
Moby Trip NKU 1998Bandpage
Modern Whigs Revolution! 0Bandpage
Moffs Labyrinth 1988Bandpage
 Another Day in the Sun1985
Moles Untune the sky 1999Bandpage
Monster Island Dream Tiger 2001Bandpage
 from the Michigan Floor1998
Monster Magnet 4-Way Diablo 2007Bandpage
 Monolithic Baby2004
 1970 / Doomsday2000
 God says no2000
 Heads explode2000
 Space Lord1998
 Dead Christmas1995
 Negasonic Teenage Warhead1995
 Dopes to Infinity1995
 Twin Earth1993
 Spine of God1991
 Monster Magnet1990
Mooch In Search of the Acid Metal Grille 1998Bandpage
Mood Six A Matter Of! 1986Bandpage
 What have you ever done?1986
 Plastic Flowers / It´s your life1985
 the difference is......1985
Moom Bone Idol 1999Bandpage
Moondragon Dream 1991Bandpage
Mooney Suzuki Electric Sweat 2002Bandpage
Moonflowers From Whales to Jupiter, and beyond the Stars to Rainbohemia 1993Bandpage
 Hash Smots1992
Mooseheart Faith Coronal Mass Ejection 1998Bandpage
 March of the Mind parisites1997
 Global Brain1995
 Cosmic Dialogues1993
 Golden Light1992
 The Magic Square of the Sun1991
 Bluevelution Pt. 11990
 On the tide1990
 Mooseheart Faith1988
More Experience From Acid Dreams 1997Bandpage
Morgan Organized 2000Bandpage
Morning Glories Tower / Average Crowd Pleaser 1994Bandpage
 Morning Glories1994
 Smile / Easy1993
Mother Superior The Mothership Movement 1998Bandpage
Mother Tongue Ghost Note 2003Bandpage
 Mother Tongue1994
Motocaster Stay Loaded 1994Bandpage
 Acid Rock1994
Motorpsycho Little Lucid Moments 2008Bandpage
 It's a love cult2002
 Walking with J (EP)2000
 Roadwork Vol 22000
 the other fool EP1999
 Let them eat cake1999
 Trust us1998
 Roadwork Vol 11998
 Starmelt EP1997
 Angels and Demons at play1996
 Timothy´s Monster1994
Mountain Mirrors Mountain Mirrors 2006Bandpage
 Lunar Ecstasy2003
 Improvisations from a void2002
Mourning Cloak In dreams you see 1996Bandpage
Mr Quimby's Beard The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of... 2000Bandpage
 Out there1997
Mu Motion in Tune 1981Bandpage
Mungenast,Tim The Un-Stableboy 2002Bandpage
 Birth of Monsters1999
Murder in the Cathedral Afraid of ... 1999Bandpage
Mushroom Glazed Popems 2004Bandpage
 Mad Dogs & San Franciscans2003
 Foxy Music2001
 Leni Riefenstahl2000
 Analog Hi-Fi Surprise1999
 Cream of Mushroom1998
Mushroom River Band Music for the world beyond 2000Bandpage
Mushrooms Scarecrow Princes 1989Bandpage
 Taste of1986
Mustard Seeds Red 2000Bandpage
MV & EE Barn Nova 2009Bandpage
My Drug Hell This is my drug hell 1997Bandpage
My Sleeping Karma Satya 2008Bandpage
 My Sleeping Karma2006
Mynd Muzic -I?- a concept of reality 1995Bandpage
 Imagine this1995
 Imagine this1994
Myriad Sea of the Sinking Sun 1996Bandpage
Mystic Chords of Memory s/t 2004Bandpage
Natas München Sessions 2004Bandpage
 Toba-Trance II2003
 Corsario negro2002
 Ciudad de Brahman1999
 Unreleased Dopes1999
Nebula Heavy Psych 2008Bandpage
 Atomic Ritual2003
 To the Center1999
 Sun Creature1998
 Nebula/Lowrider Double EP1998
 Let it burn1997
Neeff, Daniela Love it! 2003Bandpage
Neil Neil's HEAVY CONCEPT Album 1984Bandpage
 My white Bicycle1984
 Hole in my Shoe1984
Neumeier - Genrich - Schmidt Psychedelic Monsterjam 2004Bandpage
New Christs Woe Betide 1996Bandpage
 Headin` South / I saw God1988
 Divine Rites1987
 Born out of time / No next time1985
 Like a curse / Sun God1984
New Race The First and the Last 1983Bandpage
Nicely, Nick Psychotropia 2004Bandpage
Nick Riff The Universe Is Mental 2011Bandpage
 Photon Shift2009
 The World's Alive2008
 Magick Museum2006
 Sublime Prescription1996
 Cloak of immortality1995
 Freak Element1992
 From the Heart of Oblivion1989
Nicodemus A Light in the Dark 1995Bandpage
 What for?1994
 Antannae Moonlite1989
Nifty Eagu & the Glo-Pilots First Last 2001Bandpage
Night Watch Night Watch 1999Bandpage
Nine Invisibles Pure Headspace 1996Bandpage
Nixon & Jarvis Untilted 2007Bandpage
Nixon Now The Flag 2008Bandpage
 Altamont Nation Express2005
 Solution Revolution1999
No Strange L´Universo 1988Bandpage
 Flora di Romi1987
 Trasparenze e Suoni0
Noetics Cohearence 2001Bandpage
Nog Cavanagh Everything Leads to Here 2005Bandpage
Novadriver Deeper High 2005Bandpage
Novasonic Down Hyperspace Mathing Moonlight 2001Bandpage
 Embracing Magnetics1999
Nuc The Beta Feel 2002Bandpage
Nukli The Time Factory 1997Bandpage
Oceansize Effloresce 2003Bandpage
Octopus Syng Birds Of Morning Are Never Late 2007Bandpage
 beyond the karmadelic coldness, there's the lovadelic warmth2004
 Beyond the karmadelic coldness, there's....2004
 All Beings Are Beautiful2003
 Gandhi - Train to dawn2000
 Rainbow Coloured Mandala2000
Ohm Raw Ohm 2001Bandpage
Ole Lukkoye Relax in your Dream 2000Bandpage
 Remedy for a Dwarf1998
Olivia Tremor Control Black Foliage 1999Bandpage
 Dust at Cubist Castle1996
Om Attack Heavy Rescue 2000Bandpage
Omnia Opera Red Shift 1997Bandpage
 Omnia Opera1993
 Rituals of Beyond1992
 Celebrate for chance1987
 Beyond the Tenth1986
On Trial Forever 2006Bandpage
 Parchment Farm / Interstellar Overdrive2003
 Blinded by the Sun2002
 Psychedelic FreakOut Party2000
 Head EP1999
 New Day Rising1999
 Head Entrance1997
Oneida Secret Wars 2003Bandpage
 Each one teach one2002
 Anthem of the Moon2001
 Anthem of the moon (single)2001
 Come on Everybody Let's Rock2000
 Enemy Hogs1999
 A Place called el Shaddai's1997
Opal Happy Nightmare Baby 1987Bandpage
Open Mind Spiritual Lovers 1992Bandpage
Opium Theatre tout a coup 2007Bandpage
Orange Alabaster Mushroom Space & Time: A Compendium of The Orange Alabaster Mushroom 2000Bandpage
Orange Goblin Thieving from the House of God 2003Bandpage
 The big Black2000
 Time Travelling Blues1998
 Frequencies From Planet Ten1998
Oranger New Comes & Goes 2005Bandpage
 Shutdown the Sun2003
 The Quiet Vibration Land2000
 Doorway to Norway1999
Oranzada Oranzada 2005Bandpage
Oresund Space Collective Inside your Head 2007Bandpage
Orquesta del Desierto Orquesta del Desierto 2002Bandpage
Other Side Live at the "Golden Eagle" 1998Bandpage
Outrageous Cherry The Book of Spectral Projections 2002Bandpage
 The Book of Spectral Projections2001
 Out there in the Dark2000
 Out There In The Dark1999
 X-Rays in the Cloudmine1996
Outskirts of Infinity Incident at Pilatus 1994Bandpage
 Altar of the Elements1993
 Scenes from the Dreams of Angels1989
 Stoned Crazy1989
 Lord of the Dark Skies1987
Overhang Party Otherside of 2000Bandpage
Ozleys Acid Sunflower 1996Bandpage
Ozric Tentacles Pyramidion 2001Bandpage
 The Hidden Step2000
 Swirly Termination2000
 Curious Corn1997
 Jurassic Shift1993
 Pungent Effulgent1990
P.L.J Band Armageddon 1982Bandpage
Painted Air Take a Drive 2003Bandpage
 Born without mistakes1999
 Painted Air1997
Paisley Babylon The Alpha Wave Variations 1998Bandpage
Pan Pan-Ology 1993Bandpage
Pancakes Volcanic Frog Island 2010Bandpage
 Ugga Dschagga2001
Pandemonica III 2002Bandpage
Pangolin Beneath these darkened trees 1999Bandpage
Paperhouse Spongy Comestibles 1992Bandpage
Par Crone Par Crone 1997Bandpage
Parasites of the Western World Substrata 1980Bandpage
 Parasites of the Western World1978
Pawnshop Aloha from Saturn 1999Bandpage
Payola TOD Motor Motel 2003Bandpage
 Get on the buzz!2002
 For those who know2000
 The Good, the Bad & the Ugly1999
 Big bold Tennis at Wartime1999
 Horror risin' at the horizon1998
Permanent Green Light Against Nature 1993Bandpage
Petals Butterfly Mountain 2003Bandpage
 Cadis Center1994
 Blue Bicycle / Box in the time1993
 Cemetery / Lay down with flowers1991
 The Mushroom Farm / Energy Panel1990
 Just another Flower Song1989
Peyote Mothership Peyote Mothership 2007Bandpage
Phantom Payn More Phantom than ever 1997Bandpage
 Telegraphic Grooves From A Dead Mailbox1995
 Bad Vibes Anyone ??1994
 Trouble with Ghosts (revised version)1993
 Vol. 1 (Dig The Squares-the´re ugly)1991
Pharaoh Overlord # 3 2004Bandpage
 The Battle of Axehammer2004
 # 12001
Phased Medications 2006Bandpage
Phaze Who do we think you are 2002Bandpage
Phineas Gage Reconsidered 2000Bandpage
Photon Band Back down to Earth 2008Bandpage
 It's a lonely Planet2002
 Our own ESP driven scene2000
 Oh, the Sweet, Sweet Changes2000
Pink Filth Sugar Shock 2001Bandpage
 Rubber Room2001
 Seventeen Bubblegum Smashes1998
 The Rubber Room1996
 Shotgun Mary1995
 The Minnesota Fats Domino Theory Of Relativity1994
Plan 9 Pleasure Farm 1998Bandpage
 Ham and Sam jammin`1989
 Keep your cool and read the rules1986
 anytime anyplace anywhere1986
 I´ve just killed a man I don´t want to see any meat1985
 Plan 91984
 Dealing with the Dead1983
Planet Superfly Demo 2 0Bandpage
 Revolution to the never existed0
Plasticland Mink Dress and other cats 1995Bandpage
 Dapper Snappings1994
 Let´s play Pollyanna EP1989
 Wonder Wonderful Wonderland1986
 Color Appreciation1984
Plexus Plexus 2001Bandpage
Polvere di Pinguino Leggi e Allucinazioni 1993Bandpage
Polyphemus Stonehouse 1995Bandpage
 Masses of tiny dots / Fire breathing Annabella1993
 Scrapbook of Madness1993
 Eyes E.P.1992
 Great Village Trip E.P.1992
Polytoxicomane Philharmonie Pot Rats 2007Bandpage
 Drosophila Road2007
 plays Psycho Erectus2004
Porcupine Tree in absentia 2003Bandpage
 Voyage 34 - The complete Trip2000
 Lightbulb Sun2000
 Stupid Dream1999
 Coma Divine1997
 The Sky Moves Sideways1995
 Staircase Infinities1994
 Spiral Circus - Live ´931994
 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape1994
 Up the Downstair1993
 Radio Active (Promo)1993
 On the Sunday of Life...1992
 Voyage 341992
 Tarquin´s Seaweed Farm1991
 The Nostalgia Factory1991
Porter, Patrick Lisha kill 2005Bandpage
 Reverb saved my life2002
Posies The Best of - Dream all day 2000Bandpage
 Alive before the Iceberg1999
 Amazing Disgrace1996
 Frosting on the Beater1993
 Dear 231990
Pothead Tuf Luv 2003Bandpage
 Pot of Gold1998
 Learn to hypnotize!1997
 Burning Bridges1996
 Desiccated Soup1995
 Rumely Oil Pull1994
Prefab Messiahs Devolver 1998Bandpage
Prescriptions Psychedelicatessen 1993Bandpage
Pressurehead Explaining the unexplained 1996Bandpage
Primal Scream Evil Heat 2002Bandpage
 Echo Dek1997
 Vanishing Point1997
Prime Movers Arc 1993Bandpage
 Earth Church1991
 Sins of the Fourfathers1989
Primordial Undermind Loss Of Affect 2006Bandpage
 Thin Shells of Revolution2003
 Beings of Game P-U2001
 Universe I´ve got1999
 You and me and the continuum1997
 Yet More Wonders of the Invisible World1994
Prisoners In from the cold 1986Bandpage
 The last Fourfathers1985
 A taste of Pink1982
Project Grimm Huge Beings 2000Bandpage
 Lying down1996
Pseudo Sun Atomic Dogs Don't Bark 2002Bandpage
 Future Memoirs1997
Psychedelic Avengers The Psychedelic Avengers 2006Bandpage
Psychedelic Breakfast Uncle Sam's Basement Emporium 2003Bandpage
 Demo 3 (A Gaggle of Summertime Smokes)2002
 Demo 2 (Crazy Bedroom Orchestra)2002
 Demo 1 (Psychedelic Breakfast)2001
Psychedelic Underground Mystic Dream 1992Bandpage
Psychic TV Trip Reset 1996Bandpage
Psycho Daisies Snowflakes Falling on The International Dateline 2003Bandpage
 30 Milligrams of your Love1990
 Sonicly Speaking1988
 Pushin´ up Daisies1985
Pure Luege Law & Order 2003Bandpage
Purple Algae Adrift on a Sea of Sound 1995Bandpage
Purple Outside Mystery Lane 1990Bandpage
Purple Overdose A Trip to Purpleland - The early years live 2006Bandpage
 The Salmon's Trip2001
 Solemn Visions 1996
 Purple Overdose1994
 You loose it!1993
 Exit #41988
Pusherman Floored 1996Bandpage
QOPH Pyrola 2004Bandpage
Quad Quad 2 1998Bandpage
Quarkspace The hidden moon 1999Bandpage
 Spacefolds 51999
 Live Orion1998
Queens Of The Stone Age Era Vulgaris 2007Bandpage
 Lullabies to Paralyze2005
 Stone Age Compilation2004
 Songs for the deaf2002
 Feel good hit of the summer2000
 Rated R2000
 Spt 10"1998
 Queens Of The Stone Age1998
Quest For Fire Lights From Paradise 2010Bandpage
 Quest For Fire2009
R.E.M. Reveal 2001Bandpage
 Bittersweet Me1996
 New Adventures in HI-FI1996
 Automatic for the people1992
 Time of Outtakes1991
 Accoustic Tours ´911991
 Out of time1991
 Orange Crush / Ghost Riders1989
 Finest Worksong (Lengthy Club mix)1988
 Get up / Funtime1988
 The One I Love1988
 Dead letter office1987
 Lifes Rich Pageant1986
 Wendell Gee1985
 Fables of the Reconstruction1985
 Can´t get there from here1985
 Chronic Town1982
Rain Parade Beyond the Sunset 1985Bandpage
 Crashing Dream1985
 Explosions in the Glass Palace1984
 Emergency Third Rail Power Trip1983
Red Red Meat There´s a star above the Manger tonight 1997Bandpage
 Bunny gets paid1995
Red Temple Spirits If tomorrow I were leaving for Lhasa, I wouldn´t stay a minute more .. 1989Bandpage
 Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon1988
Regular Fries War on plastic plants 2000Bandpage
 Accept the signal1999
Release Party The Release Party 1994Bandpage
Residual Echoes Phoenician Flu and Ancient Ocean 2005Bandpage
Resin Only here 2002Bandpage
Revolutionary Army of the infant Jesus Paradis 1995Bandpage
 Double CD Collection1994
 The gift of tears1993
Riff and the Mad Hatter's Garden Band Machine ~L~ 2008Bandpage
 Jam Sessions Vol. 12004
 Dream Minatures2000
 Songs for the Dog1999
 Cellular Fishes in an Ocean of Time1995
Rise and Shine Flowerpowermetal 1997Bandpage
Roads to Space Travel Ballad Jazz Waltz 1999Bandpage
Robot vs. Rabbit Treejumper, Late Afternoon 2000Bandpage
RockFour Nationwide 2004Bandpage
 One fantastic day2001
Roland, Paul Strychnine and other Potent poisons 2004Bandpage
 Roaring Boys1991
 Happy Families1988
 Danse Macabre1987
 A Cabinet of Curiosities1987
 Burnt Orchids1985
Romulans Flight of 1993Bandpage
Rooks A wishing well 2000Bandpage
 Encore Echoes2000
Roots of Echo Nothing between you and the sun 1997Bandpage
 Roots of Echo1993
 Live Demo1992
Rosetta West X Descendant 2004Bandpage
 Io Pan2002
Rotor 3 2007Bandpage
Rottmuff Okolyth 1999Bandpage
Roundhead Creature Comfort 1999Bandpage
Royal Beat Conspiracy Dig it! 2002Bandpage
 Gala Galore2000
S.t. Mikael Soul Flower 1994Bandpage
 Psychocosmic Songs1993
 The Unknown1991
 Visions of a trespasser1989
S/T Gorp 2009Bandpage
 Und so weiter2008
 Mike DVD2007
 v:s/t zwei2007
 Terry DVD2007
 Shitty Titbits2006
 Samenzellenkennsatz 26-282005
 music: s/t2004
 S/T meets Hyperbubble2004
 Zwölf Lieder für Katrin2003
 Space Fidelity2003
 The Boy Who Can Not Whistle2001
 In Goats We Trust2000
 Phantasmagoric Mushroom Overflow1999
 Kilon Bauno1997
 Transistorized Flashback1997 fall exploration live1997
 The Difficult Second Album1996
 Shitty Titbits1995
 Kilon Bauno1994
 Catatonic Airkraut1994
 Make Up Wrecks With Hydrogel Mama Complex1994
 Story Of A Long Distance Flight Or Crash1994
 If I Can Catch A Train1993
Sabalon Glitz Ufonic 1994Bandpage
Sacred Miracle Cave Melt like Butter 1991Bandpage
 Sacred Miracle Cave1990
 Heavy Black Noise1989
Saddar Bazaar Split LP with Windy & Carl 2000Bandpage
 Path of the Rose1998
 Sarmadi Express1997
 Conference of the Birds1995
Salako Ventimiglia 120899 EP 2000Bandpage
 "rE-inVentiNg: Punc.tU!at?iOn>:1998
Salamander Bent Hemlock 2005Bandpage
 Birds of Appetite2001
 From the Vault2000
 Red Mantra1998
 Red Ampersand1997
Sand Pebbles Eastern Terrace 2002Bandpage
 Noah´s Ark2001
Saturnia Muzak 2007Bandpage
Scene Killer Scene Killer 2001Bandpage
Scenic Aquatica 1996Bandpage
Scorched Earth Fed To Your Head 2001Bandpage
Screaming Trees Dust 1996Bandpage
 Sworn and Broken1996
 Sweet Oblivion1992
 Dollar Bill1992
 Change has come EP1991
 Uncle Anesthesia1991
 Buzz Factory1989
 Invisible Lantern1988
 Other Worlds1988
 Even if and especially when1987
Scumbucket Kiss that kind 2005Bandpage
 Dia Castado / Otro Dia2002
Sea Of Green Chemical Vacation 2002Bandpage
 Northern Lights2000
 Time to Fly2000
Seasons of Wither Under the Spell of a Sting Moon 1998Bandpage
Secret Syde Hidden Secrets 1983Bandpage
Seers Peace Crazies 1992Bandpage
 Psych out1990
Seid Creatures of the Underworld 2006Bandpage
 Among the Monster Flowers again2002
Seminal Rats Hot Snapper Pie 1988Bandpage
Serpentina Satelite Nothing to say 2008Bandpage
Setting Son The Setting Son 2007Bandpage
Seven percent solution Gabriel´s waltz 1999Bandpage
 All About Satellites and Spaceships1996
Seventh seal Seventh seal 1999Bandpage
Sexy Death Soda California Police State 1998Bandpage
Sgt. Sunshine Black Hole 2007Bandpage
Sh'mantra Subfloating 2002Bandpage
Sharon Stoned Sample & Hold 1996Bandpage
 License to confuse1994
 Your very own EP0
Shaw, Adrian Oxygen Thieves 2009Bandpage
 String Theory2004
 Look Out2002
 Head Cleaner1999
 Displaced Person1997
 Tea For The Hydra1996
Shazam Tomorrow the World 2003Bandpage
 Godspeed the Shazam1999
Sheavy Celestial Hi-Fi 2000Bandpage
 The electric sleep1998
Shinki Shen Shinki Shen 1999Bandpage
Shiny Gnomes Cowboys of Peace Live 2002 2003Bandpage
 Wild Spells (and how it all began)2001
 MC Creatrix1994
 Innocent Aval1992
 Liquid Ladder1990
 Some Funny Nightmares1987
 Wild Spells1986
Sianspheric The Sound of the Colour of the Sun 2001Bandpage
Sic Ahtoon Eskaloon 2001Bandpage
Sick Rose The Italien Fuzz Explosion 2001Bandpage
Siena Root Far from the Sun 2008Bandpage
Silverbullit Citizen Bird 2001Bandpage
Simian Watch it glow 2000Bandpage
Simones Balloon Ride 1999Bandpage
 Enchanted Forest1997
 Corridor of Dreams1996
Simply Saucer Cyborgs Revisited 2003Bandpage
 Cyborgs Revisited1989
Sin Ropas Three cherries 2000Bandpage
Six By Seven The Way I Feel Today 2002Bandpage
 The Closer You Get2000
 The things we make1998
Six Organs of Admittance Dark Noontide 2001Bandpage
 Dust & Chimes1998
Sky Cries Mary Fresh Fruits for the Liberation 1998Bandpage
 Moonbathing On Sleeping Leaves1997
 Gone EP1994
 Every Iceberg Is Afire1994
 This Timeless Turning1994
 A Return To The Inner Experience1993
Sky Picnic Farther In This Fairy Tale 2010Bandpage
Skye Klad The Musick of Cupid´s Orkustra asleep within the Magick Powerhouse of 2004Bandpage
Sloterdijk Integration 2000Bandpage
Smashing Orange No Return In The End 1992Bandpage
 Not very much to see1991
Smell of Incense Through the gates of deeper slumber 1997Bandpage
 Split EP1997
 Smell of Incense/ A visit with Ashiya1996
 Why did I get so high?1995
 All Mimsy were the Borogoves1994
Snowglobe Our Land Brains 2002Bandpage
Snyder, Dough and Thomson, Bob The Rules of Play 1999Bandpage
Soft Boys A Can of Bees 1984Bandpage
 Wading through a Ventilator1984
 Invisible Hits1983
 Underwater Moonlight1980
Solace Further 2000Bandpage
Solarflares Laughing Suns 2004Bandpage
 Can´t get you out of my mind2000
 That was then...and so is this2000
 Psychedelic Tantrum1999
Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy 1990Bandpage
Soma Dreamtime 1995Bandpage
 Warped E.P.1992
Sons of Selina Fire in the hole 1999Bandpage
 Nour D´Oui1994
Sound Proof Soundproof 2006Bandpage
Soundtrack of Our Lives A Present From The Past 2005Bandpage
 Origin Vol.12004
 Behind the Music2001
 Gimme five!2001
 Extended Revelation1998
 Welcome to the Infant Freebase1996
Spaceman 3 Take Drugs 1994Bandpage
 Playing with fire1989
 Take me to the other side1987
 Walkin´with Jesus1986
Spaceship Landing Spaceship Landing 2005Bandpage
Spacious Mind Gentle Path Highway 2007Bandpage
 Pickin' Berries'n Playin' Blues2005
 Live Vol. 1 : Do your thing but don't touch ours2002
 Reality D Blipcrotch2002
 The Mind of a Brother1999
 Sailing the Seagoat1996
 Sleeping Eyes and Butterflies1995
 Organic mind solution1994
 Cosmic Minds at play1993
Spids Nogenhat Alrune Rod 2002Bandpage
 En Markelig Kopte2001
Spirits Burning Alien Injection 2008Bandpage
Spiritual beggars Ad Astra 2000Bandpage
 Mantra III1998
 Another way to shine1996
 Spiritual Beggars1994
Spiritual Eye You are Spacial 1993Bandpage
Spiritualized Let it come down 2001Bandpage
 Live at the Royal Albert Hall1998
 Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in Space1997
 Lazer Guided Melodies1996
 Electric Mainline1995
Spooky Hi-Fi Sonic DIY 1999Bandpage
ST 37 Down on us 2002Bandpage
 I love to talk, if there´s anything to talk about1999
 The secret society1998
 The invisible college1992
Stara Zagora CD is coming soon 0Bandpage
Steeple Jack Pow Wow 1988Bandpage
 Sereena Maboose0
Stefan Consecration 1995Bandpage
Steppes Enquire within 1989Bandpage
 Drop of the Creature1986
Stone Breath The Silver Skein Unwound 2004Bandpage
 The Silence of a Million Tongues2000
 Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis2000
 A silver Threat to weave the seasons1998
 Songs of moonlight and rain1997
Stormclouds Nightmares in the Sky 1996Bandpage
 Lost in Space1992
 The Creature from Galaxy X1988
Strange Flowers Vagina Mother 2009Bandpage
 Aeroplanes in the Backyard2008
 The imaginary space travel of the naked monkeys2007
 The Strange Flowers vs. Baby Scream!!?!2006
 Across the River and through the Trees2004
 Teen Trash Vol. 110
Streaky Avenue Colours 1998Bandpage
STREET HASSLE The Moment You Fall In Love 1999Bandpage
 Poolside Punishment1995
Strobe Alienation 1997Bandpage
 The circle never ends1994
 See beyond the sun1991
Stump Tone Stump Tone 1999Bandpage
 Circles / Jeremy Bentham´s Boots1998
Subarachnoid Space Eight Bells 2010Bandpage
 The Red Veil2004
 Also Rising2003
 Tigris and Euphrates2002
 These Things Take Time2000
 A new and exact map2000
 The sleeping sickness1999
 Endless Renovation1998
 ether or1997
 Almost invisible1997
 Delicate Membrane1996
Subskin Cables subskincables 1996Bandpage
Suicidal Flowers Worship the Waterfall 1998Bandpage
 The Psychedevilic Sounds of ...1997
 Burn Mother Burn1996
 The Final Arrangements1994
Sukilove You kill me 2004Bandpage
Sula Bassana and the Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 1 2006Bandpage
Sun Dial Zen for sale 2003Bandpage
 Live Drug1996
 Acid Yantra1995
 Bad Drug1995
 Going down1993
 Return Journey1991
 Other way out1990
 Other way out1990
 Other way out1990
Sunless Day Electric Ahhh... 2000Bandpage
Sunshine Club home 1999Bandpage
Sunshine Fix Green Imagination 2004Bandpage
 Age of the sun2002
 The Future History of the Sunshine Fix2000
Suntan Send You Home 2003Bandpage
Supercluster Waves 2009Bandpage
Swamp Oaf Swamp Oaf 1989Bandpage
Swearing at motorists Number seven uptown 2000Bandpage
 More songs from the mellow struggle1999
 The fear of low flying clouds1997
Sweet & Honey Live at your Cosmic Mind 1993Bandpage
Swervedriver Raise 1996Bandpage
 Ejector Seat Reservation1995
 Last Day on Earth1995
 Mezcal Head1993
Südstern 44 Südstern 44 2007Bandpage
Symphony in DeMeanor Symphony in DeMeanor 2004Bandpage
T-H-C Roller This must be the joint 1994Bandpage
Tadpoles Use With Headphones Late At Night (Best Of 1990-2000) 2001Bandpage
 Smoke Ghost1998
 Destroy Terrastock - Live1998
 Know your Ghosts EP1997
 Far out1996
 He fell into the sky1996
Talking Trees Revolation 2008Bandpage
Tanakh Villa Claustrophobia 2002Bandpage
Tangle Edge Sumerian Kings And Joyful Doubts 2002Bandpage
 Entangled Scorpio Entrance1992
 In search of a new dawn1989
Tank Upwards at 66°N 1999Bandpage
Tarlton, Jeff Dragin' Spring 2000Bandpage
 4 song E.P.1999
 Astral Years1997
Tea Party The Interzone Mantras 2001Bandpage
 The edges of twilight1995
 Splendor Solis1993
Teenage Fanclub Howdy! 2000Bandpage
 Songs from Northern Britain1997
 Deep Fried Fanclub1995
 Grand Prix1995
 Free again1992
 A Catholic Education1990
Tele Tele 1998Bandpage
Telepathic Butterflies s/t 2002Bandpage
Telesma O(h)m 2007Bandpage
Television Personalities I was a Mod before you was a Mod 1995Bandpage
 Far away & lost in Joy1994
 Not like everybody else1994
 Closer to God1992
 She's never read my Poems1991
 Camping in France1991
 The Strangely Beautiful E.P.1991
 Salvador Dali's Garden Party EP1989
 The Prettiest Girl in the World1987
 How I learned to love the ...Bomb!1985
 Chocolate-Art (A special tribute to James Last)1984
 The Painted World1984
 A Sense of Belonging1983
 Mummy your not watching me1982
 They could have been bigger than the Beatkes1982
 And don't the kids just love it1981
Tell, Nicolai Vilhelm For Lyset Forsvinder 2007Bandpage
Telstar Ponies Does your heart have wings? 1996Bandpage
 Voices From The New Music1996
 Brewery of Eggshells1996
 In the space of a few minutes1995
Temple Fortune Good Buy Rock'n Roll 1988Bandpage
 The Adventures of Temple Fortune1988
Terraplane Into The Unknown 2007Bandpage
Texas Fog Society Texas Fog Society 1998Bandpage
That´s all folks! Psyche as one of the fine arts 2002Bandpage
 Soma...3rd way to Zion1999
The Beginning This is.... 2004Bandpage
The Fletcher Pratt Nine By Nine 2000Bandpage
The Four Levels Of Existence Ta Tessera Epipeda Tis Yparxis 1976Bandpage
The Magnificent Brotherhood of Eternal Love The Magnificent Brotherhood of Eternal Love 2006Bandpage
The Perc Telegram from the Meantime 2008Bandpage
 The Inca Cosmic Fudge2005
 Jack of all Trades2001
 Head in the air2000
The Sun & The Moon The Sun & The Moon 1988Bandpage
 Alive; Not Dead1988
Thebrotheregg Snowflake & Fingerprint Machine 2001Bandpage
Thin White Rope The one that got away 1993Bandpage
 Sack full of Silver1990
 In the Spanish Cave1988
 Red Sun1988
 Bottom Fenders1987
 Squatter Rights0
Things Things 1988Bandpage
 Outside my window1986
 Coloured Heaven1984
Three Fish The Quiet Table 1999Bandpage
 Three Fish1995
Thump By Fump 1998Bandpage
Tiny Lights Milky Juicy 1994Bandpage
 Hot Chocolate Massage1990
Treacle People Treacle People 2006Bandpage
Treatment Cipher Caput 1993Bandpage
 Feeling like a Ghost1987
 The World of Treatment1986
 Stamp out Mutants0
Tribe of Cro Hydroculture 1998Bandpage
Trimble, Bobb Life beyond the Doghouse 2002Bandpage
 Jupiter Transmission1995
 Harvest Of Dreams1982
 Iron Curtain Innocence1980
Trip Hill Space Trip Passport 2005Bandpage
 Takes from oblivion2000
Tripwave Tripwave 2006Bandpage
Triumph 2000 Phazed and Confused 1999Bandpage
Tubilah Dog In Search of Plaice 1996Bandpage
Turner, Joe Between Two Seconds 2004Bandpage
Twin Earth Black Stars in a Silver Sky 2000Bandpage
Twist Right Now 2003Bandpage
 Beyond the Tides2001
 Searching The White Star2000
 Repp + Bela Ha1999
UGH! Meat Fairies 2005Bandpage
Underneath Wall of Sound 2000Bandpage
 Cosmic Noise0
 Sun of ´670
Unheard Of Revoxination 2001Bandpage
 Metaphysical Carnival1999
 Lonely Tear Drops1998
 I will always love you1994
Unknown Passage Tales from Prison 2002Bandpage
Unlimbo See What You Think 2001Bandpage
 Prahna Fish1998
 Nine Lives1997
Urdog Eyelid of Moon 2005Bandpage
Utopian Fields White Pigeon, You Clean ... 1990Bandpage
 Utopian Fields1989
Valis Head full of Pills 2004Bandpage
 Vast Active Living Intelligence System2002
Valium Aggelein Hier kommt der schwartze Mond 1998Bandpage
Valleyforge valleyforge 1995Bandpage
Various Artists Andy 2009Bandpage
 Swamp Sessions Vol 1.2006
 Hall of Mirrors2005
 The Tapestry of Delights2003
 Tribute to the Petards2003
 Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 20022003
 Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers2003
 The International League of Telepathic Explorers2002
 Ant Lunch Musick Presents: Whats For Drugs?2002
 Moonhead - Music from the Underground2002
 Pull Up The Paisley Covers: A Psychedelic Omnibus2002
 the Vegetable Man project2002
 Floralia Vol.42002
 Fluorescent Tunnelvision2001
 Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel
A Concept Album
 Signs Of Life Vol. 1 - The early years2000
 Serotonin Ronin II2000
 A swamp room happening 20002000
 Urban Meadows2000
 Like it? It's yours1999
 Set the controls for the heart of the AETHER1999
 Floralia Vol. 31999
 Mushroom Music Monoliths1999
 Turn Century Turn1999
 World of Acid1998
 Acid Ranch 20001997
Verbena Into the Pink 1999Bandpage
 I say so1995
 Everyday Shoes1995
Vex New Technology 1997Bandpage
Viaje A 800 Diablo Roto De ... 2001Bandpage
Vibrasonic Instrumental Vibrations 1997Bandpage
 If I were a Rich Man / Night Train1996
 Into Sunshine1996
 Kingsley J.1994
 Don´t leave me tired1992
Vibravoid Phasenvoid 2003Bandpage
 Void Vibration2002
 Love is Freedom2001
 2001 (the tascam recordings)2000
Vibrolush Vibrolush 1997Bandpage
Vic Conrad & the First Third People who care 2000Bandpage
 Vic Conrad & the First Third2000
Vietnam Chain Susmola Beat 1990Bandpage
 Before I Go1989
Vietnam Veterans Catfish Eyes and Tales 1987Bandpage
 Green Peas1986
 In Ancient Times1986
 Crawfish for the Notary1984
 On The Right Track Now1983
Vik, Julie Twist 2007Bandpage
Villa 21 Electric Poison 1987Bandpage
Vindharpen REJSEN TIL YENAN 2002Bandpage
Vines Highly Evolved 2002Bandpage
Virgineers Virgineers 1999Bandpage
Viv Akauldren Maxi Single 1989Bandpage
 Eye Suck1988
 I'll call you sometime1987
 Promo E.P.1987
 Old Bags and Party Rags1985
 Vivian´s Fountain1982
Viva Saturn Ships of Heaven 1998Bandpage
Vocokesh Electric Indian Blues 2008Bandpage
 The Tenth Corner2004
 Paradise Revisited1997
 3 new untitled tracks1992
 Still standing in the same garden1991
Void Generator We Found The Space 2006Bandpage
Volta Sound Dandelion Wine 2004Bandpage
 My All American Girl2002
 Fast Light with Radio Signal:2002
Vortex Navigation Company Things make Patterns as they fall 1998Bandpage
Voyage Limpid Sound Electronically Enhanced Dream 2000Bandpage
Wake Ooloo Stop the Ride 1996Bandpage
 What about it1995
 Hear No Evil1994
Walking Owl Fa - Sol 2003Bandpage
Walter Ghouls Lavender Brigade ... is coming (a retrospective) 1999Bandpage
 House of small1999
Warlocks Surgery 2005Bandpage
 Phoenix EP2002
 Phoenix Album2002
 Rise and Fall2001
Watts, Bari Soulcatcher 1997Bandpage
Waxy Chainsaw Holiday 2007Bandpage
Webcore Webcore 1987Bandpage
Wellwater Conspiracy Wellwater Conspiracy 2003Bandpage
 The Scroll and it´s Combinations2001
 Tidepool Telegraph2000
 Brotherhood of Electric1999
 Declaration of Conformity1997
 Declaration of Conformity1997
Weltraumservice Delta Echo Foxtrott 2000Bandpage
Weltraumstaunen Weltraumstaunen 2001Bandpage
White Heaven Strange Bedfellow 1993Bandpage
Wicked Minds Witchflower 2008Bandpage
 From the Purple Skies2004
Wig Tortüre Levels your Karma 1991Bandpage
 Just Say Flow1990
Will-o-the wisp Ceremony of Innocence 2002Bandpage
 Second Sight2000
 Will-o-the wisp1998
Windopane Lucky Catatonia 1995Bandpage
Wipers The Circle 1988Bandpage
 Follow Blind1987
 Land of the Lost1986
 Over the Edge1983
 Youth of America1981
 Is this real?1979
Witch Witch 2006Bandpage
Wobble Jaggle Jiggle It came from nowhere 1999Bandpage
 Strange Tales from the Electric Beyond1996
 Overflowing Bowl of Green Jelly1994
 Spiralize Surprize1994
 Surrealistic Clock Tower1994
 Rockadelic Reefer1993
 Overflowing Bowl of Green Jelly1992
Wondermints Mind If We Make Love to You 2002Bandpage
 Wonderful World of1996
Wooden Baby Crop Circles on the Sun 1992Bandpage
 Forbidden Pastures1989
 Stuck in the Mind Cage1988
Word of Life Dust 1995Bandpage
 Further ahead1992
World of Distortion All the Volume...Twice the Distortion 1988Bandpage
 Let's go / Welcome Home1987
Woven Hand Blush Music 2003Bandpage
 Woven Hand2002
Wrench Oscillator Blues 2001Bandpage
Yo La Tengo Popular Songs 2009Bandpage
 And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Ou2000
 Little Honda1998
 Rocket #91997
 I can hear the heart beating as one1997
 Autumn Sweater1997
 Genius + Love1996
 May I sing with me1992
 That is Yo La Tengo1991
 Walking away from you1991
 President Yo La Tengo / New wave Hot Dogs1989
 The Asparagus Song1987
 Ride the Tiger1986
Your Team Ring Homelife 2002Bandpage
Youth, Damien Phantoms Of Fables 2004Bandpage
Zone Six Psychedelic Scripture 2004Bandpage
 Any Noise is intended2003
 Live Pebbles Vol.12000
 Triprock Live 19991999
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